We currently have over 9,000 airports and over 900 airlines located around the world on record; making MISIT™ a Global Leader in Airport / Airline lost and found services. Due to our success rate and request from customers,  we have recently added other modes of transportation including Amtrak, New York’s MTA bus’s and subway system, NJ Transit, BART, MBTA, CTA, METRA, Metro-North Rail, and PATCO.


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How to go about finding lost property?

Through a simple online form, you may submit information about your lost possessions at the click of a button. Our expertly trained staff will contact you via email, SMS, or phone as soon as a match is established. After verification of your identity and other essential security questions, we will reunite you with your lost property.

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Lost items can be reclaimed personally or through a courier. Whether your property has been found in the United States, Europe, or elsewhere, you can retrieve it by way of the lost and found office, or a courier service can be arranged for your belongings to be sent to you. Our return service offers a competitively priced door-to-door accommodation for the safe and secure delivery of your lost property, no matter where you are in the world.

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